“Enabling 2 million Females by 2030”
The Wireless female Network is a woman empowerment and youth development organization that focuses on menstrual equity, creating a period positive world, addressing bullying at all levels, GBV, upskilling women in the tech and digital space, entrepreneurship and work readiness programs while driving Diversity, equity and inclusion in all our projects.

WFN serves as a global platform to menstrual health activists, health champions, humanitarians to share unique insights of their own countries and regions. WFN currently has presence on 4 continents in 18 countries with 30 global ambassadors
Enable via Education
Enable via water and sanitation
Enable via Menstrual Health
Enable via Tech and Digital space
Enable via breaking the cycle
of generational poverty
Overview of activities
Why do we exist?
Period Poverty, Breaking Stigmas, and Cycles of Generational Poverty have been holding women and girls down. The lack of education on Menstrual Health Management and period poverty are global issues but the fact is even women don’t talk often enough about menstruation and feel uncomfortable to mention the word ‘’period’’. Education and creating awareness to both genders across different generations is the key to breaking down some of the barriers and the Wireless female Network is leading at the forefront of change.

We want to encourage more individuals and organizations to become agents of transformation by changing the conversations surrounding MHM and tackling poverty.
© Copyright Wireless Female Network 2022 (All Rights Reserved)
© Copyright Wireless Female Network
2022 (All Rights Reserved)