Our Story
The Wireless Female Network - Global Movement is a community of people striving to end ''period poverty'' and break the stigmas surrounding MHM.

Generational Poverty
Recent research undertaken on behalf of WFN shows that there's a direct link between Period Poverty and Generational poverty. Wherever there's poverty or a downturn in the economy females will experience a certain level of period poverty. This is the hidden side to poverty - the basic lack of hygiene, access, and education in MHM.

Whether it's Namibia, the USA, Haiti, the UK or South Africa taboos surrounding Menstrual health do exist. Globally there isn't much attention given to MHM. We, women, are just as guilty of using coded language to describe the menstrual cycle - this further perpetuates the taboos surrounding MHM.

The Model of Inclusivity
WFN is not alone in the fight for menstrual equity and to break the cycle of generational poverty. We're building a global community to amplify strength, creativity, collective wisdom, experience, unity, and resourcefulness to inspire change. We've made sure that our programs fit the specific needs of each community, region, and country and have therefore formed alliances and partnerships with both national and international groups, individuals, and non-profit organizations.

WFN aims to:
© Copyright Wireless Female Network 2022 (All Rights Reserved)
© Copyright Wireless Female Network
2022 (All Rights Reserved)
"Meet the Team"
Roshni Pillay
"Regional Ambassador of Ottawa,
Community Healthcare"
Thandekile Gumede
"Regional Ambassador of Kwazulu-Natal, HR professional"
De Nsentip Twins - Uforo & Eduek Nsentip
Regional Ambassadors for Nigeria
Sitara Moodley
Regional Ambassador for Johannesburg
Lovine Naidoo
Regional Ambassador for Zwelisha
Adella Mbabazi
Regional Ambassador for Uganda
Mbali Masuku
Regional Ambassador for South Korea specializes in Education and Training
Reicene Pillay
Regional Ambassador for Verulam
•  Give more females access to safety and dignity during menstruation
•  Keep more girls in school
•  Progress the agenda for MHM to become part of the school curriculum
•  The representation of more women in internal dialogues and decision/policy making
•  Educate both genders across multi-generations
•  Change the narrative of shame attached to MHM
•  Reduce pollution of the sanitary product by making available eco-friendly reusable sanitary products at an affordable rate
Nireshni Padayachee
Non-exec board Director
Thulise Heshu
Regional Ambassador for Newcastle
Ekta Wadhwa
Head Regional Ambassador
for Canada specializing in media/marketing
Aleesa Ali-Karim
Regional Ambassador for Trinidad & Tobago