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We don’t know enough about Menstrual health, it’s not a popular topic and even women don’t talk about it that much. Let’s join forces to break cultural and systematic stigmas surrounding MH. Join the PNGW/M (Powering up the next generation woman/man) Ambassador program and start making a difference.

Applications are open for March 2022. You can also join our community by:

•  Participating in our events
•  Forming a CSR initiative in your
    company under the ‘’Wireless Female
    Network’’ banner
•  Joining our movement
•  Becoming a member/sponsor/
•  Marketing
Contact details:
Geographical location: South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya

Phone number: +27 62 787 6266

‘’Keeping our Girls in school’’
"By supporting a female with eco-friendly reusable sanitary products the benefits are two-fold: saving the Earth and keeping a girl in school"
’’Water and sanitation’’
’Clean water is not a luxury and should be accessible by everyone’’
To Donate Sanitary products please email: