© Copyright Wireless Female Network 2022 (All Rights Reserved)
© Copyright Wireless Female Network
2022 (All Rights Reserved)
MH Day - 28th of May
International Day of the Girl
Event on Menstrual Health and the different dimensions

Dates: 8th and 15th October 2022

Platform - Virtual

World's 1st Annual Menstrual Health Dialogue - Changing the narrative in Africa, Latin America, Asia & the Caribbean (ALAAC).

•  To put Menstrual health on the Global Agenda by 2025
•  To end period poverty globally by 2030
Key Topics of discussion
•  The physical, psychological and political aspects of menstruation.
•  The impact of period poverty on a girl's participation in education and a woman's role in income generation is poorly understood.
•  Secrecy and Shame associated with Menstruation by reviewing the barriers across the AALAC region. Part of the conversation will include
    looking at the problematic opinions on menstruation shared on social media.
•  Discussion on the way forward to deal head-on with some of the stigma and embarrassment attached to menstrual health.
•  MH at the intersection of GBV (Gender-based Violence).
•  We are exploring the link between Generational Poverty and Period Poverty.
•  Transactional Sex - resorting to transactional sex to pay for Sanitary and hygiene products.
•  Degendering Menstruation
•  Poverty, Gender inequality as some of the contributors to Human Trafficking
•  Comparatives between MHM in a high and low-income country.
•  Menstrual health and Mental health
•  Early Child marriage
The Great Red