“Putting Menstrual Health Management on the Global Agenda by Enabling 2 million Menstruators by 2030”
The Wireless female Network focuses on the socio-economic advancement of people and reducing gender inequalities. WFN takes a holistic approach to health and wellness that’s inclusive of periods, peri and menopausal people, social campaigns, and women empowerment initiatives. The Wireless Female Network serves as a global platform to menstrual health activists, health and wellbeing champions, social activists and humanitarians to share unique insights of their own countries and regions. WFN currently has presence on 5 continents in 22 countries with 35 global ambassadors.
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The Wireless Female Network aligns to 8 of the Sustainable Development Goals
© Copyright Wireless Female Network 2022 (All Rights Reserved)
© Copyright Wireless Female Network
2022 (All Rights Reserved)
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