Projects and Events
MHM - Our projects to date have been held in learning institutions, women shelters, locations, and corporates and are aimed at supporting girls during menstruation by keeping them in school and addressing the taboos surrounding menstuation. Drives across the country take place together with education via the Pathways to Dignity program that was launched this year.

Acceleration 4.0 - an entry level program that prepares first time job seekers and  graduates for the workplace while also honing in on ICT skills.

Our projects for MHM, and reducing poverty raise awareness of the 2030 agenda and are embedded in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of good health and well-being; eliminating poverty, quality education; gender equality, and clean water and sanitation.

Project Red: Sanitary Towel bank initiative
This initiative is helping to reduce period poverty in Africa by hosting Sanitary product drives at learning institutes, women shelters, and underprivileged communities.

Pathways to Dignity
This program was launched to normalize periods and break the taboos surrounding MH by educating both genders across different generations.

Breaking the cycles of Generational poverty
Parents have a powerful impact on the relationship that children and youth have with wealth creation. Our programs (Accelerate 4.0 level 1 and 2)  have been implemented to rewire limiting beliefs and educate children and youth on how to position themselves in the economy while maximizing their earnings.

Accelerate 4.0 Level 1 Mentorship program
Aimed at first-time job seekers and graduates.
There is no cost to join this program

Accelerate 4.0 Level 2 Mentorship program

Cost - $150
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© Copyright Wireless Female Network
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