Aeon People Awards
and Summit - October 2024
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Aeon People Awards (APA) 2024
The Aeon People Award is in search of people making a difference nationally and internationally. Through these awards, we look to recognise businesses and individuals advancing the socio-economic standards of the country, reducing gender inequalities and the digital divide with the key focus being on courage and resilience while navigating through global changes.
About the Aeon People Awards (APA)
This inaugural awards program celebrates, honours and recognises outstanding achievements and change-makers across various industries, showcasing individuals, groups and organisations that have made phenomenal headway in contributing to their community, country and continent while impacting humanity as a whole.

The world is evolving and growing rapidly due to advancements in technology, innovation, AI, fin-tech, healthcare, etc, that have been taking centre stage in transforming people, organizations and industries like never before. These positive influences are igniting our current realities and impact all. We want to recognise such outstanding work so that we continue to foster innovation and progression while remaining human-centred.

Participation in the Aeon People Award offers opportunities for networking and partnering with a global community while showcasing your achievements on a national and international level. As a participant, you will be boldly exemplifying leadership, courage, the challenger spirit, innovation and gender inclusion. Recipients of the Aeon People Award will be selected because they have been helping to reshape global standards, amplifying the voice of the vulnerable while building a more sustainable life for all.

Nominations are open to all without regard to race, age, disability status, colour, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation and religion. If you want to nominate yourself, another individual or business, please click on the ‘Nominate’ button.
Award Categories
“There is no charge to anyone receiving an award however overheads and admin costs apply, the amount is dependent on the option.’’
Key Dates
Choose the most suitable option:
Option 1 - R299
  Covers Admin fee
●  1 Customised Graphic
●  Headshot and Bio on nominee website
Option 2 - R599
  In addition to all of the above
●  Interview on the Red Collective Podcast that runs in 30 different countries
●  Listed on all social media handles
●  Entry to ‘’Sons and Daughters of the Future’’ book launch
Option 3 - R1299
  In addition to all of the above
●  Entry to the Great Red Event - Conference
●  Interview on the Red Carpet
●  Gala Dinner
Option 4 - R1699
  In addition to all of the above
●  A branded copy of the presentation
●  Interview on a Radio station
●  Participation in our 3rd Annual Menstrual Health Dialogue across Africa, Asia,
      Latin America and the Caribbean region
●  10 min presentation
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Process of the Award Selection
  Nomination closes on the 12th of May
●  Shortlisting to be completed by the 30th of May
●  Audits/Evaluation completed by July
●  Judging takes place at the end of August
●  Winners will be announced at the Awards function in October
●  Awards function and Summit in October
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